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EtreCheck FAQ

I already purchased Pro and it keeps asking me to puchase again!
First of all, it is important to remember that EtreCheck is free. But people are sometimes confused by the optional Power User in-app purchase and EtreCheckPro.
EtreCheck is available in two different flavours - EtreCheck, available from Apple’s Mac App Store and EtreCheckPro, available from Etresoft directly. These two products are very similar. Both are free. Both have a Power User in-app purchase available. However, EtreCheck from Apple’s Mac App Store is restricted by Apple’s Mac App Store policies. EtreCheckPro does not have these restrictions, but also does not benefits from Apple’s ecosystem. We developed EtreCheckPro so that existing users of EtreCheck 4 could upgrade to EtreCheck 5 for free. Read more about the differences between these two products.
If you do choose to purchase the Power User package in either EtreCheck or EtreCheckPro, you will need to use only that version that you purchased with. If you purchase the Power User package using EtreCheck in the Mac App Store, you will not be able to use the Power User package in EtreCheckPro. And the same is true if you purchase the Power User package in EtreCheckPro. Part of Etresoft’s agreement with Apple is that if EtreCheck users enjoy the benefits of Apple’s ecosystem, they must make any in-app purchases using that system.
At some point in the future, we may be able to offer an upgrade from EtreCheck to EtreCheckPro. However, at the current time, these two products are too similar. There is no real value in switching to EtreCheckPro if you already have EtreCheck.
I purchased EtreCheck in the past but not it wants me to pay again?
Please see the previous question.
We are happy to look up activation codes. But we can only do this for direct purchases. We have no access to any individual purchase information from the Mac App Store. Any transaction number or order number from Apple is useless to us. If you did make a purchase from Apple, you can look in your e-mail for an iTunes receipt. You can also run the iTunes app on your Mac. Go into your account and you can see your entire purchase history. If you did purchase EtreCheck from the Mac App Store, it will be listed there.
If you are sure that you purchased the Power User package directly from Etresoft, or your purchased a license for EtreCheck 4, or you made a donation to EtreCheck 3, we can look up your activation code if you give us the e-mail you used to make your purchase. We can sometimes use your name too, but not always.
If you did make a purchase directly from Etresoft, you should have two e-mails from our payment processor, One e-mail is your receipt and the other is your activation code. The only order number we can use is a Paddle order number. Transactions IDs or order numbers from PayPal cannot be used.
I purchased the Power User package but it says “purchase in progress”?
Unfortunately, the Mac App Store is Apple's system and is completely out of out hands. Sometimes, there is a problem with Apple’s servers and a number of people report the same problem. That means that some problem with Apple's servers must be causing it.
You can try the Restore button in EtreCheck to restore your purchase. This is what that button is designed to fix. It doesn't always work, however. If it doesn't work, here are some Mac App Store debugging instructions you can try.
  1. Restart your machine
  2. Launch the App Store app and login to your account
  3. Run EtreCheck again, pick a problem, and generate a report. Try the Restore button.
  4. Delete EtreCheck. Click the LaunchPad icon in the dock. Then, click and hold on the EtreCheck icon until it starts to shake. An X button will appear in the corner of the icon. Click the button to delete. Repeat steps 1 and 2. Then, go back to the App Store app and download a new copy of EtreCheck. (Note: Deleting software like this is almost never a solution for problems. Unfortunately, Apple stores the receipt inside the app itself. So, this is one of the rare cases where deleting the software can correct a problem.)
  5. Wait and try all of this again later.
  6. Run EtreCheck and let it sit there, perhaps for a couple of hours or more.
If your purchase did go though, you should have an iTunes receipt by then. There will be a "Report a problem" button you can use to contact Apple if all of the above fails. People usually report that the purchase goes through eventually.
I cannot get Full Drive Access to work?
Unfortunately, Full Drive Access is a system restriction. All that EtreCheck can do is point you to the system features to enable it. In the Mac App Store version of EtreCheck, you must give EtreCheck read access to the root directory on your hard drive. If you have macOS 10.14 “Mojave”, using either EtreCheck from the Mac App Store or EtreCheckPro, Full Drive Access requires going to System Preferences > Privacy > Full Disk Access and adding EtreCheck to the list. This means that is you are running EtreCheck from the Mac App Store on Mojave, there are two steps required.
Sometimes, Full Drive Access still doesn't work. In this case, try the following:
  1. Remove all copies form EtreCheck or EtreCheckPro from your machine
  2. Remove all instances of EtreCheck or EtreCheckPro from System Preferences > Privacy > Full Disk Access
  3. Restart your machine
If Full Drive Access still doesn't work, try this:
  1. Run Terminal
  2. Enter the following command in a new Terminal window:
    tccutil reset SystemPolicyAllFiles
  3. Press return
  4. Restart your machine