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How to purchase a license for EtreCheck 4

Note: The costs of doing business worldwide vary by region. In order to provide a fair price for all customers, the price for EtreCheck is based on your location. For example, the price in the USA is $10 USD. But due to significantly higher costs, the price in the EU is €15.00 (VAT included).

Step 1

Download EtreCheck

The only way to purchase a license for EtreCheck is with EtreCheck itself.

Step 2

Start EtreCheck

We want to make sure that EtreCheck will help and that all users know how to use it before purchasing. The Purchase license button will not appear until after at least one EtreCheck report has been run.

Step 3

Click the Purchase license button in EtreCheck itself

Once you decide you like EtreCheck and want to keep using it after the inital period of 5 reports, just click the Purchase license button.

Make sure to disable any internet firewall or filter like “Little Snitch”. EtreCheck needs to communicate with its licensing server to activate your purchase.

Run EtreCheck Purchase license